Studies in nutrient biology, reproductive biology, biochemistry, nutraceuticals, development of functional foods, design and production of aromas, microalgae, and physicochemistry applied to bioremediation processes. Homeostasis, metabolic and its relation to physiological and environmental nutritional factors of the main nutrients (macro and micro) in living beings (men, plants and animals); Embryonic and larval development of Chordates and Invertebrates, Incidence of Toxic or Environmental Factors on the Reproduction of Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals and invertebrates, Reproductive Patterns of Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals and invertebrates, Oxidative and Antioxidant Stress, Photochemistry Photochemistry of organic compounds, Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy, Cytogenetics, Mutagenesis, Occupational Health and Medicine, Construction of bioreactors, Mass culture of microalgae to obtain protein, for food for humans and animals.

Degradation of heavy crudes, Desulfurization of coals and wastewater, Removal of heavy metals and toxic organic compounds from water bodies, Treatment of leachate from sanitary landfills, Food and nutritional security, Nutrition and Human Feeding, Chronic non-communicable diseases related to diets and sedentary lifestyle in the pediatric and adult population of the Caribbean Coast, Development of new products for populations with micronutrient deficiency, Biotechnology. Creation of agro-industrial companies, Development of the regional Agro-industry, Design of Agro-industrial products and processes, Food Safety Management System, Packaging systems, packaging and storage of agro-industrial products.