What is a Technology Park?

An initiative that contributes to the development of a region

The purpose is to stimulate the transfer of knowledge and the creation of national and international networks between academia, the State, companies and society. Its privileged location facilitates an agile connection with the companies, industrial parks, free zones and ports of the Caribbean Region, through 4th Generation expressways.

A technology park is a geographical space that articulates scientific, technological and business capacities and resources, in order to promote the generation of knowledge, technological development and innovation.

In science and technology parks we stimulate and manage the flow of knowledge and technology between universities, research institutions, companies and markets located in a given geographical area; We promote the creation and growth of companies based on innovation through incubation and spin-off processes; and additionally we provide other value-added services along with high-quality spaces and facilities.

In this space, the perfect conditions exist for a fluid interaction between the academy, the private sector and the public sector, generating innovative results that contribute to increasing the region’s competitiveness and economic and social benefit.

Why is a Technology Park important?

¡A space for everyone and for everyone!

Physical spaces

It offers physical spaces where technological capacities and resources come together to transform knowledge into economic and social value, promoting scientific development in the regions.


Cooperation and technological transfer between the scientific, technological and business communities, in order to facilitate the generation of innovations, so that their commercial exploitation contributes to the economic, social and sustainable development of a territory.


The structure of a technology park allows the physical establishment of R&D and innovation centers or units of companies and universities.

Cooperation networks

Development of projects at the local, national and international level, forming part of cooperation networks with other similar parks, as well as with other agents of the innovation system: universities, technology centers, research centers, among others.

How does a Technology Park contribute to the development of the Region?