Institutional services

Spaces for companies & research centers

Through the University corridor (Carrera 30 –Puerto Colombia), the Transmetro Public Transportation System, six metropolitan bus routes (Alianza Sodis, Coolitoral, Sobusa, Urbaplaya, Cootransnorte and Expreso Colombia) circulate. Taxis

Highly specialized laboratory and technological services

The most important roads in the sector are Carrera 30 (Carrera 51b in Barranquilla), Carrera 46 (Vía al Mar), Calle 14 la Playa, Boulevard de Villa Campestre, Circunvalar Metropolitana, Circunvalar de la Prosperidad, Carrera 53.

Technology management support services

The university corridor has the headquarters of the following institutions:

  • northern University
  • free University
  • San Martín University
  • Sergio Arboleda University
  • University Antonio Narino
  • Atlantic University
  • National Open and Distance University

    It also has schools:

  • American School
  • Karl C. Parrish
  • College of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • British school
  • German school
  • Berckley College
  • American-Colombian center
  • Barefoot Feet Mega College.

Technology transfer

Free health zone – Clínica Portoazul, Paso de Salud Corregimiento de la Playa

Incubation platforms for technology-based companies

Buenavista I-II shopping centers, Mall Plaza, Gran Bulevar, Le Champ, Brazuca Shopping Center, Carulla Supermarket, Olympic Store, Makro, Pricesmart, Alkosto, restaurants.

Innovation and acceleration platforms for technologies and companies

Plaza del Parque Buenavista, Club Campestre del Caribe, Cultural Center Universidad del Atlántico, Club Lagos del Caujaral, Castillo de Salgar. Salgar and Sabanilla beaches, Swan Lake.

12/5000 Laboratories

Research areas Labs planned
Capacity building for teaching Cinematography Laboratory Master room with audiovisual aids Aquaculture Laboratories
Technological Research Area Collection and Waste Center Anthropology Museum
Research and technological innovation area Laboratory of computational and mathematical modeling Food pilot plant (Meat, Vegetables, Dairy) Laboratory of dynamic systems, mathematics and applied statistics. Laboratory of computational chemistry. Integrated quality management, business operations and logistics system.
Research area in Biotechnology, biomedical and public health Laboratory of Bioavailability and Bioequivalence of medicines Pharmaceutical Administration and Management Laboratory Natural products and biochemistry Bioterios
Research areas in Physics, Mechanics and Robotics Materials Physics Laboratory Theoretical Physics Laboratory Bioclimatic laboratory Robotics laboratory Laboratory of efficient energy management Mechanical alloying laboratory Laboratory of fine mechanics and industrial instrumentation Laboratory of metallography and refrigeration Satellite simulation and control laboratory Automation and electromechanical laboratory Metrology Laboratory Geophysics laboratory Laboratory of building materials and floors
Research areas in biological studies Laboratory for the provision of chemical analysis services Business Science and Technology Center Microbiology Laboratory Genetics laboratory Nutrient biology laboratory Laboratory of Metabolomic and Proteomic Studies by NMR Molecular Biology Laboratory Limnology Laboratory
Research, Biomedical and Public Health Areas-Research Areas in Materials and Energy Sources of the Caribbean Laboratory of Health Pharmacy Water Studies Center Biotechnology Laboratory Laboratory of fish embryology and reproduction Polymer Laboratory Oxy Laboratory / Catalytic Hydrotreatment Microalgae biomass laboratory Photochemistry and Photobiology Laboratory Bioprocess Laboratory Occupational health laboratory Laser Emission Spectroscopy Laboratory
Research Areas in Materials and Energy Sources of the Caribbean-Research Areas in Biological studies Laboratory of organometallic Materials chemistry laboratory Laboratory of heterocyclic compounds Pharmaceutical laboratory Scientific collections Corrosion laboratory Histology laboratory Thermodynamic laboratory Cosmology laboratory Entomology laboratory Marine Biogeochemistry Laboratory