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The Caribbean Technology Park was conceived as an architectural, iconic and representative reference for the region, in which forms will integrate beauty, innovation, function, the latest in construction techniques, environmental sustainability and human habitat. It follows the use of a precious stone such as diamond, which symbolizes in this project the use of all polishing and care techniques that facilitate transforming a shapeless stone into a shiny, colorful and expensive gem. The jewels themselves are an art, which is expressed in the architectural design of the Caribbean Technology Park. The use of this stone is instructive because it gives us the opportunity to use the contemporary practice of architecture as a challenge towards technical innovation.

The technique and aesthetics are mixed giving birth to the set of buildings of the Caribbean Technology Park.


The Caribbean Technology Park is assigned an area of 2 hectares, facilitated by the Universidad del Atlántico, located in the Metropolitan area of Barranquilla, municipality of Puerto Colombia; with a privileged strategic position due to the proximity of access routes, such as the Vía al Mar (Barranquilla-Cartagena), the Circunvalar de la Prosperidad road that connects the shore and the mouth of the Magdalena River with the Cotton Road (prolongation of the race 38), the Via de la Cordialidad and the Via Oriental (which communicates with the municipalities of the southern Atlantic and the departments of Sucre and Córdoba). Its location allows easy access to river ports and communicates geographically with the center, north of Barranquilla.

The Department of Atlántico has a strategic location in the heart of the Colombian Caribbean, with access to a market of more than 1.2 billion people, through its sea and air ports, thanks to the international agreements that Colombia has.

Its location makes it an important sea and river port, with conditions for multimodal transport, just 100 km from the country’s railway network and the ports of Cartagena and Santa Marta.

There are 3 points considered as success factors in the location of the Caribbean Technology Park:

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  • First, the proximity to the NAP ANDINO (Network Access Point), as an integrating element for the initial installation of companies that serve as tractors and drivers of the park, particularly in the area of telecommunications and information technology.
  • Second, the proximity to the main university training centers, Technological Development Centers, Research Centers that makes it easier for companies and technology-based entities to locate a strong and fluid relationship with these institutions in the Caribbean Technology Park.
  • Third, which is preponderant in road connectivity, which is supported by the Circunvalar de la Prosperidad, the Circunvalar Metropolitana, the Industrial Corridor of route 40 and the Port Corridor, the Barranquilla Cartagena road, 30th street, cordiality, the trunk of the Caribbean, the river and the sea.

How to get?

From Cartagena airport

From the Rafael Núñez International Airport in Cartagena by the sea, 1:30 hours. (107 km).

From the airport Santa Marta

From the Simón Bolívar International Airport of Santa Marta at 2:00 a.m., through the Troncal del Caribe. (102 km).

From Barranquilla airport

From the Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport in Soledad by the Circunvalar de la Prosperidad, 40 minutes. (31 km).

From the
port of Barranquilla

From the Sociedad Portuaria de Barranquilla 35 minutes by road 40. (20 km).

Area and extension of the Caribbean Technology Park

The Caribbean Technology Park covers an area of ​​(2) hectares, located northwest of the North Campus of the University of the Atlantic University campus. The topography of the land allows the landscape views framed by the mountainous corridor of the Serranía de Piojó and the plain area that concentrates the runoff waters to the swan or caujaral lake to be maintained.

The project comprises a set of 4 buildings that respond to the functional concepts of R + D + i (Research, Development and Innovation), and a building for the administrative functions of the set, spatially forming a single, multiple, articulated and harmonic whole.

The construction area of ​​the project is framed in 12,000 M2., Distributed in three (3) buildings of six (6) floors, with 3,500 M2., Of construction each, and a four (4) story building with 1,500 M2. , for the Administration and services. The buildings occupy an area of ​​2,100 M2., Within the lot, and 17,900 M2 distributed among Plazas, Circulations, Roads, Parking, Green areas, including an expansion area of ​​5,600 M2., Forming an ecosystem in harmony with nature.